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Jeff Kibbe

Jeff has always had a love for flying; his parents will tell you when he was a kid, he could never put down his toy airplane and no matter what he was doing, his airplane was by his side. Jeff grew up and trained in the Houston area and is a proud Texan.

He trained at the Houston ATP location before moving to Upstate New York to work as a flight instructor because he wanted to see how far aviation could take him away from his hometown. He believes that he is truly blessed for the opportunity to see the world in such a different and freeing perspective. Jeff owns a 1946 Aeronca Champ and loves to show anyone who will go how beautiful flying is.

He is happy to help you in obtaining your Private, Instrument, Commercial, or Multi-Engine certificates/ratings as well as endorsements such as complex, high performance, and tailwheel.

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George Amenta


George started flying when he was in high school and got his pilots license before his drivers license.

He attended Dutchess Community College and received his instrument and commercial ratings while obtaining an Associates Degree in Aviation Science. 

He has been involved with aviation in the Hudson Valley since 2015 and says it is one of the best areas to learn to fly.

He offers training to those looking to get a private or commercial license, as well as giving high performance and complex endorsements. 

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Stephen Kalwasinski


Stephen began flying straight out of high school and hasn't looked back since. He obtained his private pilots license at 19 years old and had his first job flying skydivers by the age of 20. Currently he flies for a part 135 outfit as a full time PC-12 pilot in the Caribbean as well as the Northeast.


Stephen sees instructing as a fun way to spend a day off and believes that learning to fly should be simple, safe, and fun. He owns a 1946 Aeronca Champ that he likes to fly during his free time. 


He is happy to help you in obtaining your private, commercial or CFI certificate as well as endorsements such as high performance, complex, spin, or his favorite, tailwheel! 


Luigi De Marco


Luigi moved to the United States from Italy in 2016 with the lifelong dream of becoming a pilot. He obtained his Private Pilot License in New Jersey and then moved to Dallas, TX, where he completed his training to become a professional pilot. Today he flies for a part 135 operation as a full-time PC-12 Pilot in the Northeast as well as the Caribbean. 

Luigi sees instructing as a way to pass along his passion for flying, making it a fun experience while always keeping safety the number one priority. 

He is happy to help you in obtaining your private, instrument, commercial, or CFII certificates/ratings as well as endorsement such as complex and high performance. 

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Sue Smey

Private Pilot, Instrument Rated, ASEL, Owner

The name "Whiskey Foxtrot" has more of a meaning than just the words. The initials W.F. stand for Women Fly. We are here to encourage all women of all ages to not only think outside of the box, but to actually STEP outside of the box.

One of Oprah's famous quotes, "Whatever you fear most has no power, it's your fear that has the power.", has such a deep meaning.

Just having the courage to step out of that box can be so scary for most. I am here as a testament that I chose to face that fear, and look at me now. I am a pilot, I own a flight school, and most importantly I am so empowered.


Traditionally, this field has always been considered a man's job but the number of women is growing. Women now make up about 7% of all certified pilots, and we here at Whiskey Foxtrot are here to make that number grow.

We are here to teach, support, and be by your side as you take the journey of your life.

Normal is boring..... Be a pilot!!!

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