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Whiskey Foxtrot

Part 61 flight school 

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About Us

The Sky Acres Airport located in Lagrangeville, NY is a relaxed, general aviation airport which features a café, self service fuel, and maintenance facilities. The airport has been family owned for generations and is a popular fly in destination for the general aviation community.


 When most people come to Sky Acres, one of the first things they notice is the relaxed and friendly nature of the airport. There are no big fences topped with barbed wire or security cameras everywhere. Instead you have people sitting at the café, a stones throw away from the airplanes parked on the ramp, enjoying breakfast and lunch. You have people walking their dogs in the grass. Best of all, it is a community that is interested in aviation and likes hanging out at the airport. 

Whiskey Foxtrot aviation is a Part 61 flight school that has been training aviators out of the Sky Acres Airport since 2020.

Our team works together with the main goal of getting our students to where they want to be. Whether it's to become a private pilot and fly for fun, or whether it's to go all the way to the airlines.

We can take you there.

Our school holds classes twice a week, which allows the students to get to know each other, and be with others in the same situation, allowing them to bounce off ideas, and struggles with each other. 

This atmosphere creates a support system between the students and instructors.

These are bonds that will last a lifetime.

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Our Team

Our Aircraft

Whiskey Foxtrot aviation offers both Cessna and Piper aircraft for training. Our aircraft are maintained by Swift Aviation located at Sky Acres. Current aircraft rates for both dual and solo flight are published below. Our aircraft rates are billed off the hobbs and include fuel. 


Cessna 150 - N23390 C150

The Cessna 150 is the fifth most produced aircraft ever, with nearly 24,000 built. Cessna first began manufacturing these aircraft in 1959 and built this plane solely with the training market in mind. N23390 is equipped with a Garmin 430 and dual Garmin G5's.

Dual rate $205 per hour

(fuel and instructor included)

Solo rate $165 per hour (fuel included)

Cessna 150 - N4660X C150

N4660X is a 1966 Cessna 150. Recently re painted it is equipped with dual VOR's and a KLN 89B.

Dual rate $205 per hour

(fuel and instructor included)

Solo rate $165 per hour (fuel included)


Piper Warrior - N82743 PA28-161

The first of the Warrior series came out in 1974. Warriors are primarily distinguished from their Cherokee predecessors by their double-tapered wing planform and two-foot-wider wingspans. 

Dual rate $225 per hour

(fuel and instructor included)

Solo rate $185 per hour (fuel included)

Gift Certificates Available

Ground School Courses


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