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Flight Training
Private Pilot

Flight Training

At Whiskey Foxtrot we try and preserve that natural and welcoming feeling that comes from general aviation. A couple of enthusiastic instructors who love hanging around the airport and talking about airplanes. When starting the school, we were not satisfied with commercially available training syllabi and curriculum so we made our own.

While some schools follow their syllabus line by line, ours serves as a rough guide that the instructor can use and adjust to the individual's way of learning and to the training environment.
Students get a copy of this syllabus and are able to track their own 
progress as well. Compared to other flight schools, we provide flight training while also trying to keep things interesting and fun. Grass runways, $100 hamburger runs, and more. 

As a Part 61 flight school there isn't really a limit on what we can do. Already have a license and haven't flown in a while and just want a CFI to tag along? Or maybe you are the spouse of a pilot who wants to take a few lessons and get the basics to help out. We can accommodate a variety of training needs.

The majority of our community at the flight school are those who are looking to fly for recreational purposes. They choose Sky Acres due to the relaxed and go at your own pace style of training.



For the Private Pilot License: Students can expect to spend anywhere from 60 to 80 hours in the air to obtain a Private Pilots License. In addition to the the flying, students will have to spend time at home studying and preparing before coming out to the airport. 

We recommend a variety of home ground school courses to supplement in classroom learning. This allows one to study at their own pace and save money. 

Although completion time to obtain a pilots license can vary, its not unreasonable to expect 4-6 months to finish the license. Certain uncontrollable factors such as weather and aircraft maintenance can all slow progress. We recommend trying to make it out to the airport at least twice a week to maintain steady progress.   

Instrument Training

After earning their private pilot certificate students can expect at least 50 hours in the airplane and a good majority of that flight time “under the hood” which means only flying by reference to instruments by using a view limiting device. Instrument Flight Rules implies that the flight may operate in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC, meaning cloudy or otherwise adverse weather conditions). However, many aircraft may operate under IFR while completing the entirety of the flight in Visual Meteorological Conditions due to the efficiency provided by IFR flying as well as the safety of continuing to avoid bad weather. Just because you can fly in the clouds or less than acceptable weather under IFR doesn’t mean you should.  Obtaining an instrument rating is paramount to rounding off a pilot's knowledge to ensure safety of flight in all possible scenarios.


 In addition to flight training, at home studying will be required using study courses and the help from an instructor. Instrument flying poses a very high risk to inexperienced pilots, 62% of aviation related deaths are attributed to pilots who are not instrument rated entering into instrument meteorological conditions. All of our instructors at Whiskey Foxtrot have gone through extensive training and real world experience to teach in the clouds with safety being the number one priority.  Whether you are a freshly minted Private Pilot or an experienced Commercial Pilot, come join us for some time in the clouds!
IFR training rates: Dual $230 per hour with airplane included

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